Our Services

                We offer a outsourced sales service for companies - use us to quickly achieve your sales goals!

Outsourced Sales Service:

  • B2B sales
  • B2C sales
  • SaaS sales solutions
  • Different online sales solutions
  • Sales in foreign markets
  • Sales to retail chains
  • Finding cooperation partners 

Sales Management Consulting

We can help with these questions:

  • How to improve sales of your products or services?
  • How to get your products into retail chains?
  • How to make cold calls?
  • How to get to talk to CEO?
  • How to close the deals?

Sales in Amazon

We can help with these questions:

  • Why and how to start?
  • How to open Amazon seller account?
  • How and from where to find right products and suppliers?
  • How and what transport to use?
  • How to make the listing?
  • How to rank the product and make the advertising?
  • And lot of other tips!

Marketing in Facebook and Instagram 

We can help with these questions:

  • How to use Social Media platforms?
  • Why and to whom make advertising?
  • How to chose target groups and countries?
  • Different campaigns and lot of more!